Welcome! Here, I share information about how to travel better and spend less money to meet your travel goals. Here’s some more information about me:

THE EXPLORER: I am a vibrant young African geographer and environmentalist with a double B.A from University of Colorado and an M.Sc from University of Edinburgh. Personally, I have embarked on dozens of local and international trips and led hundreds of people on trips across Nigeria and Africa. As a geographer, I am interested in how people influence their environment, vice versa. 

THE WRITER: As I explore, I document my discoveries and insights in form of guides, essays and visual documentaries. My maps, travel photography, videos and stories help to fill the gaps in Nigerian and African travel. Some of these stories have been featured in renowned publications such as BBC, Arise TV, S.E.E Africa, TW Magazine, Travel Africa Magazine, The Guardian Nigeria, The Nation Nigeria, Bella Naija, We are Africa Travel and many more publications. 

THE ENTERPRENEUR: In 2016, I noticed a gap in the travel industry across Nigeria and Africa. So, I founded TVP Adventures to close this gap. TVP Adventures is leading the pack of adventure travel packages out of Nigeria. We are constantly breaking through barriers to provide quality travel solutions. Currently, we operate tours to over 30 locations in Nigeria and Africa.

If you would like to work with me or discuss ideas, please contact me. I love to build collaborations that work. You can find all my contact information here.

Lots of Love,

‘Funmi Oyatogun