Projects / Self Empowerment · May 4, 2020

Write a Short Article that Shares Something You Know Well.

I wrote a series about people who meet on a plane and my friend, Olumese Eigbe illustrated it.

Welcome to the month of May! Somehow, we have made it this far. I am very thankful for the opportunity to regroup during this lockdown but I cannot wait for life to return to ‘normal’. It may never be the same again but I miss hugs and travelling. I do.

Ok, I know April was the toughest month yet. But how did it go for you? What did you learn? What did you start? Are you starting soon? If you are just joining the #2020Challenge, check out JanuaryFebruary and March and April challenges. Now, let’s get to this month’s challenge. This is my favorite so far.

What do you know very well? What do you know how to do? What concept do you understand very well? Can you share it with us in a very short article (300 – 500 words)? Yes! That’s the challenge for this month. I think the best way to engage with a community is to share information. Whatever platform you choose to share it (Medium, your blog, thread, etc), tage me on Twitter or IG so I can see it.

Before I go, what do you think I should write about for this month’s challenge? I have a few ideas but I also want to be sure they are things you are interested in. Please share with me in the comments or reply @funmioyatogun and tag #2020Challenge so I can get a glimpse into your world. It gives me great joy to see your stories about this challenge.

‘Funmi Oyatogun is a vibrant explorer and travel entrepreneur at TVP Adventures; a company focused on leading people to their dreams by designing creative and meaningful travel experiences within Africa. She is also an experienced travel writer whose stories are focused on breaking through African borders, uncovering the historic stories of her people and places, and presenting first-hand information about tourism and adventure opportunities. She has been featured on the BBC, CNN Africa, Arise TV and many more renowned platforms. Follow her on Twitter (@funmioyatogun).