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Spend 15 Minutes in Meditation, Prayer or Yoga (March #2020Challenge!)

How did your 2020 Challenge in January and February go? Here’s a short story about my February:

I only took one mentor out to lunch this month. The others were either out of the country or fully booked and I have to wait for them to come back into town to make this work. Good thing is that I have booked dates with them and will complete this challenge before the first half of March is done. I know a lot of people struggled with last month’s challenge so I thought to let you know that you’re not alone. In the mean time, please connect with a peer-group or rekindle a dwindle mentor relationship. To borrow from a Christian philosophy, ‘do not forsake the fellowship of brethren.’ In this case, it would be ‘do not forsake the fellowship of like-minded people.’

If you are just joining the challenge, here’s more information about it as well as the rules. It is very simple and could possibly change your life.

Yoga on the beach in Benin Republic

This month, we are spending 15 minutes non-stop on prayer, yoga or meditation. Sounds fun, right? This could be more a challenge than you expect but could also be more rewarding than you expect.


  • Prayer, meditation and yoga are three activities that take you away from the turbulence around you and help you get closer to inner peace and stability.
  • If you typically do one of these activities, try another one. It helps!


  • The Yoga Spot (TYS) – TYS is one of my favorite yoga spots in Lagos because it is more than just a studio, it is a community. Visit them in Lekki Phase 1 and sign up for a taster class to get yourself started on yoga.
  • Meditation Apps – Here’s Oprah’s list of the best meditation apps.
  • Pray with Friends – If you go to church or mosque, you probably already have a fellowship or a prayer group that you connect with from time to time. If you don’t have one, just grab a bunch of friends and pray together. Choose something that you would like to pray about, hold hands, have someone lead the session and then take turns saying a prayer for the specific prayer point(s).If you do this regularly enough, it will become a good habit. I am going to reignite my closest circle of Christian friend and schedule prayer sessions. I need this!

Ready? Let’s do this. Please share your stories with me @funmioyatogun and tag #2020Challenge so I can get a glimpse into your world. It gives me great joy to see your stories about this challenge. See the full challenge below:

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