Projects / Self Empowerment · February 3, 2020

This Month’s Challenge is to Spoil Your Mentors (#2020Challenge).

February is an important month – it is Black History Month, the month of love and the beginning of the year for most people. Not for us though, many of us have already set up savings habits that could change our lives forever. Kudos! If you missed January’s challenge to build an automated savings plan, check it out here. Also, the rules of this challenge are really simple and can be read here.

So what’s up for February! Take a mentor out to a meal.

Why? To show gratitude and to strengthen the relationship(s). When was the last time you did something nice for your mentor(s)?

This month we want to explore our mentor relationships and do something for these incredible people who often give us more than we give them. The challenge is simple – ask your mentor out to lunch or dinner or breakfast or tea or whatever other meal appeals to them and make it clear to them that this one’s on you. You will be amazed by how far such a simple gesture can go and the kinds of conversations that can happen over a good meal.

Remember, a mentor is someone you have a relationship with – they know you, you know them and you have a sense of accountability to them. This challenge is not for role models or people you admire from afar (I don’t know how likely they are to even respond to a call for dinner).


  • Dinner – after a long day or week, everyone needs a good dinner. Take your mentor out to a place that’s interesting by itself – a place with a view, a different cuisine or a place with a story. These make for great talking points. Stay away from Valentine’s Day weekend as the roads will be clogged with lovers.
  • Frozen Yogurt or Tea – Sometimes, you don’t need a full meal. If your mentor has a sweet tooth or likes tea, take them to a place where you can sample all sorts of flavors.
  • Lunch – Weekend lunches are great! Avoid lunch on weekdays because it is usually rushed and people have to get back to work.

Ready? Let’s do this. Please share your stories with me @funmioyatogun and tag #2020Challenge so I can get a glimpse into your world. It gives me great joy to see your stories about this challenge.

‘Funmi Oyatogun is a vibrant explorer and travel entrepreneur at TVP Adventures; a company focused on leading people to their dreams by designing creative and meaningful travel experiences within Africa. She is also an experienced travel writer whose stories are focused on breaking through African borders, uncovering the historic stories of her people and places, and presenting first-hand information about tourism and adventure opportunities. She has been featured on the BBC, CNN Africa, Arise TV and many more renowned platforms. Follow her on Twitter (@funmioyatogun).