Projects / Self Empowerment · January 2, 2020

The #2020Challenge! 12 SIMPLE THINGS to Color Your Life.

This is the 2020 Challenge…a set of 12 simple but meaningful activities that will help us add more color to our lives this year. I’m doing the challenge and learning as I go so let’s do this together, shall we?


  • On the 3rd day of each month, I will explain the challenge for that month and share thoughts on tools that can help us get the best out of that month.
  • Between the 3rd and 27th of each month, feel free to do the challenge at your own pace and by yourself. If you want to do it with other people, that’s great too. This should be as seamless as possible. Once you complete the challenge for the month, post it on Instagram or Twitter using the #2020Challenge hashtag and also tag @funmioyatogun.
  • On the 27th of every month, I will post a roundup sharing a recap of the month and how we all succeeded with the challenge for that month.

Easy peasy, right? I only ask one thing: please be consistent. Reach out if you’re struggling. If you get tired, hang in there. It is consistency that will win and when you look back at the end of the year, you’ll notice how much more colorful life has become.

This is the full list of the challenges per month. I will explain the challenge at e beginning of each month so let’s take it one month at a time.

Are you ready for January, 2020?

January (Money, money, money) – Create daily, weekly or monthly auto-savings for big goals.

Financial discipline is one of the biggest things we struggle with as we try to navigate adulthood. So, let’s use technology to build that discipline.


Download an app that allows you save and manage money right away! The best apps are the ones that automatically take money from your card or bank account at a specific time of the month and lock the funds until the date you choose. That means you can’t wake up one day and chop all the money. Depending on what works best for you, you can choose to save in the app EVERY DAY, EVERY WEEK or EVERY MONTH. As long as you’re consistent, this will work.

I use Cowrywise and I auto-save daily. My goal is for my big trip at the end of the year. This means, if I save daily from now till October (I have to finish bookings in October for a December trip) and give allowance for some days when I might not have money in my account, I will reach my goal by the end of the year. If you are saving for rent, you can lock the funds till the week before rent is due. If you’re saving for an investment, you can lock the funds until the week before the investment payment is due. Use your discretion to know when to lock the funds till.


If you’re in Nigeria, I recommend Cowrywise and PiggyVest . Both apps are free and if you download the apps using these links, you get a small amount to get started.

When you save, you can earn between 10% and 15% annually on your savings so it doubles as an investment and trumps the inflation rate. So your money will be more valuable at the end of the year than at the beginning.

If you live outside Nigeria, please share the recommendations for your country so others can learn.

My Fave Social Media Handles to Follow to Learn More About Money (no matter where you live):


Because money is a tool and if we are responsible for using money wisely, it will work for us. We can do so much more and build the life of our dreams if we take charge of how we save and invest money.

Once you download the app and start saving, share your story on Instagram or Twitter with a screenshot and use the hashtag #2020Challenge. Please tag me @funmioyatogun so I can keep track of everyone.

This is our year of reaching our financial goals. Good luck!