Travel Guides · November 16, 2018

7 BAD Questions to Ask Your Travel Expert (+7 Better Questions to Ask).

I love to answer travel questions and share knowledge with you. I also love to learn from your travel experiences so we can all travel better, together! Some questions make it easy for me to share answers, but some question…mba. So, here’s a short list of 7 questions that may make it difficult for a travel expert or experience designer to help you.

1.Can you give me a cheap travel package? We create affordable travel experiences that maximize the memories without breaking the bank for you. However, if you would like a custom tour package, built from scratch just for you, you need to provide a budget to help us plan better. What’s cheap to you may be expensive to someone else. If you give us a budget range, we are better guided on how to prepare a mind-blowing experience for you, that you can afford.

Better Question: What experiences can you design for me with a budget of 400,000 Naira?

2. Do you have any shortcut ways to get a visa? I am willing to pay for it.

It is my pleasure as a travel experience designer to make your life as easy and seamless as possible. We work hard to simplify visa application processes and share all the tips that help make visa applications successful. I have helped several people prepare their visa applications and avoid common mistakes. Take my word for it – you can get a legal visa by telling the truth and presenting authentic documents. Anyone who encourages you to lie or present fraudulent documents will put you in trouble. I will ease the process for you and teach you how to ace your travel applications, but there are no shortcuts.

Better Question: Can you help me simplify my US visa application? OR I do not understand the UK visa application process. Could you help me?

3. Can you write my scholarship or admission essay for me?

You will be amazed by how many people ask this question. You can write a winning essay / application, if you are shown what to do. When you book my admission clinic or scholarship clinic, you will get first-hand access to amazing resources that will up your chances of getting your dream admission or scholarship. If I write your essay for you, your scholarship or admission could be revoked. Wouldn’t you prefer to learn all the hacks and be forever empowered to gain any admission you apply for in the future?

Better Question: Can you teach me how to prepare a winning application for a school or scholarship?

4. What’s the process to go abroad?

Hmm. Every country that is not your country is ‘abroad’. I will be glad to help you travel to your choice country but with over 200 countries in the world, there are thousands of processes to go abroad. Even in one country, your reason for travel will determine the kind of process you need to go through. My visa clinic has a track record of improving people’s chancing of getting a visa to the UK or US. Once you go through this custom session, you will understand the common mistakes to avoid and present yourself better to the embassy! The best part: you can participate from wherever in the world you are.

Better Question: What is the process to obtain a student visa to the USA?

5. What school should I go to?

I always tell people that the school choose to attend is a very important decision. Did you know that there are many factors to consider before you choose to apply to a school? Is the school accredited? What’s the employment rate among graduates? How reputable is the program I want to study? What’s the weather like? Are scholarships available? And so many more. If you’re going to make such an important decision, you need to make it wisely. Trust me, doing so can be a lot of fun! Now, you see why this question cannot be answered in one or two simple words! If you want a comprehensive guide on how to choose a school, you can get one for free once you book the Study Abroad clinic. You’ll learn how to choose the best schools in the world for you and how to get admitted into your choice schools.

Better Question: Could you walk me through the process of choosing the best school for me?

6. Why was my visa denied? 

I might be able to help you answer this question but I need more information. Those who request a visa consultation with me automatically get a review of their old applications, before we begin to prepare the new one. If I see your old application, I may be able to show you some mistakes you made. Some times, the embassy may have denied your application for a reason that isn’t obvious but we can make recommendations based on research and experiences.

Better Question: Why was my visa denied? (After I have taken a look at your old application).

7. What’s the best country in the world?

We love to travel because we know that every corner of the world offers something special and magical. Choosing the ‘best’ country is almost impossible. However, there are countries that have been memorable for specific reasons. For example: I have enjoyed the best hikes in the USA and Kenya, enjoyed the best white-water rafting in Uganda, explored the most amazing falls in Zimbabwe, stared in awe at the magnificent castles of Japan and over-eaten at the most fascinating Christmas markets in the UK. The world is an amazing place and if we have to choose one country over another, it has to be for a very specific reason.

Better Question: What’s your favorite country for water sports or sea food or beach resorts?

So, what question have you always wanted to ask, whether bad or good? This is a safe space so go for it! I will answer as many as I can. Leave a comment with your travel question.

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