Travel Guides · June 20, 2018

Idanre Hills: This is a Wonder! All You Need to Know About Exploring Idanre (A Guide)

Idanre Hills is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Ondo State, and for good reason. The hills erupt unapologetically from the Idanre community and offer a backdrop that is as fascinating as the legend of the hills themselves. Idanre Hills has 660 steps, forested paths and then bare rock that will give you mountain envy. If you’re looking for a climb for everyone – this is where to start.

What’s the hype about this mountain?

There’s also so much history that the guide explained to us as we climbed. There is a stream, a school, old settlements, farms and ruins of a palace that was built on top the hill. Folks, we have so much history in this country, it is mind-blowing. There is even a stone still placed quietly on an old street that had to be carried by men to chest level before they were eligible to take a wife.

Photo by Okhai Okojie.

How to get there.

From Lagos, it takes about 5 hours to drive to the mountain through Idanre Hills, via Ijebu Ode and Ore. It is best to combine a visit to Idanre Hills with one or more of the following: Ikogosi Warmsprings, Erin Ijesha Waterfalls and Osun Osogbo – Grove. Of course, you’ll need multiple days depending on how many other attractions you plan to visit. In my case, I often combine the Hills with Ikogosi Warmsprings, Erin Ijesha Waterfalls and some landmarks in Ile-Ife, over a three-day period.

How long does it take to climb?

The full climb takes about 3 hours. Of course, this can be slightly shorter if you have a very fast pace or longer if you have a much slower pace. When we climbed, we took our time to soak up the views as we went along. We also spent some time taking photos at the top of the steps and then at the school and the palace. Most people can do this hike, even if you’ve never hikes before. As long as you are physically able to push yourself, you’ll make it.

What’s the terrain like?

This climb is actually not too difficult, but the 660 steps are quite steep and tiring. There are several rest points which allow you to breath and enjoy the view. After the 660th step, you’ll be able to explore the ancient community through very leveled trails. Then, there is a point where you climb very steep bare rocks on the way back to the starting point. As long as you have shoes with a firm grip, you should be fine.

How much does it cost?

The entry fee to Idanre Hills is 1,000 Naira per person. It is also customary to give a token to the tour guide. If you do not come with a camera, there are also camera men handy to photography your experience at a fee. Majority of the expenses for this trip will come from a car or bus hire, accommodation and feeding.

What to Bring:

  • Water: 3 or 4 bottles per person, you’ll need all the hydration you can get.
  • Face towel: A face towel is ideal to absorb all the sweat while you climb.
  • Shoes with a firm grip: There is a stretch during the climb that involved a steep climb over bare rock and in the rainy season, could be very slippery. It is important to have good hiking boots or regular running shoes with a firm grip.
  • Snacks: I recommend Minimie Chinchin, So Yummy Popcorn, Trail Mix, Assorted Nuts, Cookies, Ribena and Lucozade Boost.
  • Packed lunch: Don’t forget to pack delicious lunches to eat on your way back to your hotel or home.
  • A good phone or light camera for photos: A heavy camera could be difficult to carry up and down as you slide over steep, bare rock.
  • Cash: There are drinks on sale at Idanre, in case you run out.
  • Great company: Every trip is better with a wonderful group of people. If you need a travel squad, join one of our TVP Adventures group trips and give yourself the experience of a lifetime.
  • Time. Don’t rush Idanre Hills. Give yourself time to climb and enjoy the view.

Idanre is a gem and while much of the relics on the mountain are from ancient civilization, it is interesting to see how the community still uses the palace and shrines for their festivals and special rituals.

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