Essays & Musings · May 22, 2018

Do You Really Know What You Want To Do With Your Life? How a Vision Board Changed my Life!

I am a dedicated note taker. What I lack in spoken words, I make up for in written words. I take notes to plan my day, I take notes from articles and I take notes at the end of a long day. Writing is the gift that was given to me and I do not take it for granted. If you stumble on me – whether in the middle of a crowded market or at a board meeting, you will find me with my print-back planner and a journal where I document my devotions, dreams and notable happenings of the day. I thought nothing was better than the things I had written about my life goals until I came across vision boards.

Pages from my journal.

Oh boy! The first time I wanted to create a vision board, I tried and failed. I was doing something wrong but I couldn’t figure out what it was. I was struggling to decide what to add to the board. Then, in December, I was asked by my friend Nnenna Fakoya – Smith to organize a trip for a group of her friends; “We have a monthly Vision Board Hangout”, she said, “and we need a place to go.” We put together a custom trip for the group at TVPAdventures and I was so blessed to have personally led the trip. The trip led to interaction with some pretty phenomenal women and the interaction led to me signing up for the next Vision Board Workshop. In February, I took the online course for one week and my perspective was changed!

“Write the visionmake it plain on tablets, so he may run who reads it. “

Folakemi Odesola is an excellent teacher and she has built a short course that helps people through the identity crisis that often slows them down; crises such as: “I want to be great, but I am not sure how.” Or my favorite one…”I am good at many things but I don’t know where to start.” There are many reasons why we fail to get to where we need to be and majority of these reasons point to a faulty foundation when setting our goals. Since I took this Vision Board workshop in January, there has been considerable improvement in how I work. My vision is sharper, my goals have more clarity and I am less distracted by good things by the wayside. Long story short – this workshop answered my prayers in January when I asked for clarity and a vision as sharp as a sword.

The photo doesn’t show most of my vision board but what you see gives you an idea of what it is – a visual collage that is carefully curated based on your identified vision, passions and goals for your life. Rest assured that I will keep slapping words, Bible verses, images and stickers on this board until there is no room for it. By the end of the year, I will evaluate my journey (as I always do) and update the board to reflect my constantly evolving reality.

I highly recommend this workshop for you if you can answer YES to any of the following questions:

  • Do you want to do something with your life but struggle to move forward with your vision?
  • Are you confused as to what you are supposed to be doing in your sphere of influence?
  • Do you want a wholesome life where you can strike a balance among relationships, career, spirituality and health?
  • Do you have lofty ideas but feel overwhelmed by them?
  • Do you struggle to manage time because you’re doing a lot of work but not making a lot of progress?
  • Do you feel like you are crawling and it is time to run?

If you can say YES to even one of these questions, I think you should give this workshop a try. I want everyone to have access to the same resources I did that helped me jump from point A to B in my journey. Remember, the end of the workshop is simply the beginning of the rest of your life! You know why? Vision boards are not static, they are dynamic visual aids to help you keep your goal in sight and stay on course to achieve what you want to achieve. Of course, I am sure there are many other ways (other than vision boards) to articulate your goals and bring your vision to life but as a visual person, this was exactly what I needed to harness the power of my imagination and turn my dreams into a well-directed agenda.

If you would like to join Folakemi’s Vision Board workshop, kindly reach out to her using the code FUNMIVISIONBOARD. In fact, there is also an online package for those who do not live in Lagos. She has been gracious enough to offer a good discount to anyone who mentions this code at the time of booking. Isn’t that awesome! You can contact Folakemi to book this discounted session by sending an email to [email protected] 

Cheers to our visions and the work that we must do while the Sun is shining. In my case, that’s helping people travel better. Remember folks, the night cometh when no (wo)man can work.

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