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    7 BAD Questions to Ask Your Travel Expert (+7 Better Questions to Ask).

    I love to answer travel questions and share knowledge with you. I also love to learn from your travel experiences so we can all travel better, together! Some questions make it easy for me to share answers, but some question…mba. So, here’s a short list of 7 questions that may make it difficult for a travel expert or experience designer to help you.

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    You Can Visit Over 30 Countries & Territories With Your US Visa (Full List)

    Nigerians, get in here! Did you know that your US or UK or Schengen or Canadian visa can take you into over 30 different countries and territories? I shared this info yesterday and people were shocked. If you have a US visa, why not use it to full capacity? This is a list of all the countries you can visit with a US, UK, EU (Schengen) or Canadian visa. 1. MEXICO! My dear friends, you can enjoy delicious margaritas, tacos (ooh yum), pristine resorts, bring telenovellas to life and Mexican festival fantasies for up to 180 days as long as you have a valid multiple entry visa into the US.…

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    Badagry – the City of a Million Ghosts (By Okhai Okojie)

    “Shhhhhhh.” “Silence!” “This is Badagry. You’re not allow to laugh out loud and smile too wide.” I could swear I heard those words being whispered to me by a roaming spirit, as soon as I got out of one of the slave museums. You know, the kind of spirit that finds no rest because in their lifetime, life was so unfair. Unfair. The word rolls off my tongue with such sadness I shed a tear. My trip to Badagry was such a self-awakening trip. I had no expectations of the place cos I have technically never been there, save for when I was 5 years old; stories heard but memories…

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    Looking to Enter the Tourism Space? I Recommend This Workshop By Nene-Uwa Hub!

    There is much growth and buzz in the tourism industry these days and it is quite exciting to see all the innovative businesses sprouting every day. You may be interested in building a business around tourism and only need some working tools to get started…someone’s thinking about you. Is this you: You have the burning desire to work and make an impact in the Tourism and Travel industry. You would like to have your own Tourism business but have no clue on how to start or which niche would fit you . You love organizing packages that would inspire people to visit and explore places. But you don’t know how…

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    Where are You Going This Summer? Here’s How to Get Last Minute Summer Travel Deals from Nigeria!

    So many people have been looking forward to this time of the year to tick off all their summer travel goals. If you are looking for cheap flights this year, I’ve got something exciting for you! Here are all the tips you need to know about getting the cheapest tickets for your summer trip (complete with screenshots). Many more Africans are visiting Africa and that’s amazing. However, if you are Nigerian, you are likely going to visit one of the following cities this summer: Dubai London New York Houston So, whether you’re going to Dubai or you’re going hiking in Nepal or to the beaches of Fiji, these are the…

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    I was Featured Live on the BBC and Arise TV! Here’s How the World is Talking About My Maps.

    A few weeks ago, I was featured Live! on the BBC’s program: Focus in Africa. The call was very impromptu and I was done with the interview before I could blink. Yet, I don’t think my body has been able to absorb it all yet. I was featured alongside Winnie Rioba who saw the ‘ease of travel in Africa’ map for Nigerians and created her own version for Kenyans. Somehow, our maps caught the eye of the BBC and they wanted us to speak to the world about it. Enjoy the short segment below (we were nervous): If you would like to watch the video on Facebook, you can do…

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    Idanre Hills: This is a Wonder! All You Need to Know About Exploring Idanre (A Guide)

    Idanre Hills is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Ondo State, and for good reason. The hills erupt unapologetically from the Idanre community and offer a backdrop that is as fascinating as the legend of the hills themselves. Idanre Hills has 660 steps, forested paths and then bare rock that will give you mountain envy. If you’re looking for a climb for everyone – this is where to start. What’s the hype about this mountain? There’s also so much history that the guide explained to us as we climbed. There is a stream, a school, old settlements, farms and ruins of a palace that was built on top…

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    The Complete Hiking Guide for Erin Ijesha Waterfalls! This is Perhaps One of Nigeria’s Best Hiking Experiences.

    When most people speak of Erin Ijesha, they speak of the amazing waterfalls that have placed this small town in Osun state on the tourism map. The destination is actually called Olumirin Waterfalls in a town called Erin Ijesha. Famed for its seven layers of falls, most people visit to explore the first three falls, take in the beauty and splash away in a crisp and clear pool. However, the full experience at Erin Ijesha comes with a hike all the way to the source of the falls (the seventh level). The seventh layer is not a waterfall, but a stream that feeds the falls. I have hiked this mountain…

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    I Climbed Mount Cameroon and Returned with 5 Things!

    I first thought about climbing Mount Cameroon in the summer of 2016. I had just gotten off the phone with a tour guide in Tanzania who had answered endless questions about my quest to reach the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro. “It will cost you 2,000 USD” he said. And that’s for the mountain alone. Certainly, this was not a trip that I could take without saving up. Then, I remembered a song from primary school listing Africa’s mountains and it hit me…Mount Cameroon! “We are climbing mount Cameroon”, I announced “four thousand and forty meters into the sky.” I took the next year to map out a plan. I opened…