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    My Social Media Diary: An Open Letter to Anyone Who Considers Me an Influencer.

    Dear Friend, Shortly after my 26th birthday, I took a friend to see Ado Awaye suspended lake in Oyo State; one of only two in the world. The story I told about the mysterious lake and the detailed guide I created would begin my foray into the world of Social Media influence. My audience in March 2018 was roughly 300 on Twitter. Now, 18 months later, my Twitter community has grown to 28,000 and people pay attention to my takes on travel issues and tourism business. A good portion of this influence comes from the work we do at TVP Adventures – the company I founded in 2016 to simplify…

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    10 Tips To Help You If You Are Flying for the First Time or If You Are Scared of Flying

    Two weeks ago, I flew with a first time flier and aviophobiac and it was an absolute pleasure. For two months, our team at @TVPAdventures had been prepping her and allaying her fears. She also did lots of research to help combat this fear. So, in order to help others who may be flying for the first time or those who may be scared of flying, these are 10 tips just for you! Read the full article below to learn more about how to fly without fear.

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    How to Apply for Canadian Permanent Residency from Nigeria on Your Own (Steps, Costs, Documents & Tips)

    We live in a world where we have many more opportunities today than we did yesterday. So many people can move, travel and build a life in a totally different place from where they were born. Some countries, like Canada, have impressive policies that allow skilled people earn permits to live and work in Canada. If you are educated and looking for a legal way to move yourself or your family to Canada to take a chance at a new path, these are the details on how to go about it. Of course, this article cannot cover every single aspect of immigrating to Canada. However, if you want to know…