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10 Tips To Help You If You Are Flying for the First Time or If You Are Scared of Flying

Two weeks ago, I flew with a first time flier and aviophobiac and it was an absolute pleasure. For two months, our team at had been prepping her and allaying her fears. She also did lots of research to help combat this fear. So, in order to help others who may be flying for the first time or those who may be scared of flying, these are 10 tips just for you!

Read the full article below to learn more about how to fly without fear.

  1. Know the numbers, flying is safe – Flying is one of the safest means of transportation we have. You are more likely to get injured in your car than in an air crash and that’s great information to have. Most likely, you will take off and land without any challenges, statistically.
  2. Travel with a friend or buddy – Sometimes, all you need is a friend or two to hold your hand and get you through the fear. If you can, travel with friends or family who have flown before.
  3. If you’re travelling alone, tell your seat mate that you’re scared of flying – You know that comfort you may get with a friend, you could get it with the person seated next to you. If they know that you are flying for the first time, they may hold your hand or chat with you to distract you from the scary feeling that comes during turbulence.
  4. Eat a light meal and drink water – When flying, you will likely feel more thirsty than if you were on land. As much as possible, drink enough water before you fly and if you feel thirsty, ask the host/ess for water. Also, don’t eat too much before you fly so that you don’t feel like throwing up from fear.
  5. Learn about how planes fly and what to expect – If you read up on how planes work and what to expect during a flight, you’ll be prepared for turbulence and the feeling you get in your stomach at take-off and landing. There is a ton of information available on Sky Guru and Flight Guru. You can also speak to a pilot or member of the crew.
  6. Choose a comfortable seat, if possible – You may want to seat at the window to see what’s happening as you fly or you may want to seat by the aisle to avoid the feeling of heights. If you’re travelling with friends, you may feel more comfortable sitting in the middle seat where you can hold their hands. Whichever will make you feel more comfortable, do it! Most flights give you an option to choose your seat at the point of check-in.
  7. Stock up on music, films or documentaries – If you’re flying a short distance, chances are that your aircraft does not have individual screens for entertainment. On longer flights, however, you’ll likely have a fine selection of things to watch while in the air. Just in case, you can also stock up on films and music on your phone so that once you’re up in the air, you can switch your phone to airplane mode and distract yourself with your favorite shows.
  8. Walk around – Feel free to walk down the aisle of the plane. You’ll feel more comfortable knowing what’s going on out of sight and you will get the needed exercise to feel less cramped or claustrophobic.
  9. Pray – If you believe in God, pray. It will help you feel better and more comfortable about the flight being in able hands.
  10. Enjoy the flight – Flying is really cool. Once you can let go of the need to be in control, you can breathe and enjoy the flight.

One thing is for sure – what goes up must come down. In no time, your plane will land and you will be back on two feet!

What other tips do you have to help with the fear of flying? Please, share with us in the comments.

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