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    8 Important Safety Tips Before You Travel! Save Yourself From Expensive Emergencies.

    Don’t wait till you get into trouble. Here are all the safety tips you need to note when travelling. Keep Electronic / Physical Copies of Your Passport Bio-data Page: There are few things worse than losing your passport while travelling. In the event that you lose your passport or it is stolen, it is a good idea to have a digital or physical copy of the bio-data page. That way, you have some sort of identification and the authorities can have a starting point to look for the lost time or cancel a stolen passport, where necessary. In some circumstances, you may be required to show your your passport for…

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    All the Public Holidays in Nigeria in 2019 and How to Travel More!

    The three biggest obstacles stopping people from getting to their travel dreams are time, cost and information. My daily goal is to break down these obstacles bit by bit. So, let’s deal with the first one: time! If you have a full time job and you find it difficult to get enough leave days to travel, one solution is to use public holidays and weekends to travel! To help your planning, we’ve compiled all the public holidays in Nigeria this year. These ones are more or less guaranteed but are subject to changes by the government. However, a few more usually pop up throughout the year. We have also shared…

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    How to Apply for Canadian Permanent Residency from Nigeria on Your Own (Steps, Costs, Documents & Tips)

    We live in a world where we have many more opportunities today than we did yesterday. So many people can move, travel and build a life in a totally different place from where they were born. Some countries, like Canada, have impressive policies that allow skilled people earn permits to live and work in Canada. If you are educated and looking for a legal way to move yourself or your family to Canada to take a chance at a new path, these are the details on how to go about it. Of course, this article cannot cover every single aspect of immigrating to Canada. However, if you want to know…

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    10 Things I Did to Develop Myself in 2018 (the Last One Will Surprise You)!

    If I could describe the year 2018 in one word, it would be intentional. When the year started out, I was determined to be more intentional in everything I do – my work, my self-development, my faith and my relationships. Today, I can look back and see how much this decision has improved my life. You too can live a more intentional life, simply by taking out time to improve yourself. Remember, you are a vessel and it was what you fill your life with that you will fill the world with. You can only give what you have. This list is a part of my end-of-year series tagged #YearOfTen.…

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    7 BAD Questions to Ask Your Travel Expert (+7 Better Questions to Ask).

    I love to answer travel questions and share knowledge with you. I also love to learn from your travel experiences so we can all travel better, together! Some questions make it easy for me to share answers, but some question…mba. So, here’s a short list of 7 questions that may make it difficult for a travel expert or experience designer to help you.

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    You Can Visit Over 30 Countries & Territories With Your US Visa (Full List)

    Nigerians, get in here! Did you know that your US or UK or Schengen or Canadian visa can take you into over 30 different countries and territories? I shared this info yesterday and people were shocked. If you have a US visa, why not use it to full capacity? This is a list of all the countries you can visit with a US, UK, EU (Schengen) or Canadian visa. 1. MEXICO! My dear friends, you can enjoy delicious margaritas, tacos (ooh yum), pristine resorts, bring telenovellas to life and Mexican festival fantasies for up to 180 days as long as you have a valid multiple entry visa into the US.…

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    Badagry – the City of a Million Ghosts (By Okhai Okojie)

    “Shhhhhhh.” “Silence!” “This is Badagry. You’re not allow to laugh out loud and smile too wide.” I could swear I heard those words being whispered to me by a roaming spirit, as soon as I got out of one of the slave museums. You know, the kind of spirit that finds no rest because in their lifetime, life was so unfair. Unfair. The word rolls off my tongue with such sadness I shed a tear. My trip to Badagry was such a self-awakening trip. I had no expectations of the place cos I have technically never been there, save for when I was 5 years old; stories heard but memories…

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    Looking to Enter the Tourism Space? I Recommend This Workshop By Nene-Uwa Hub!

    There is much growth and buzz in the tourism industry these days and it is quite exciting to see all the innovative businesses sprouting every day. You may be interested in building a business around tourism and only need some working tools to get started…someone’s thinking about you. Is this you: You have the burning desire to work and make an impact in the Tourism and Travel industry. You would like to have your own Tourism business but have no clue on how to start or which niche would fit you . You love organizing packages that would inspire people to visit and explore places. But you don’t know how…